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I'm looking for Harry Potter fanfics that read like continuations of Harry Potter. Or fics that fill time missing from the books, like what Dumbledore's Army under Neville, Luna and Ginny experienced during DH. (I know there's Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness, and I believe it is very good, but it seems a little too dark for me.)
This could be anything from direct war aftermath fics like this one, rebuilding the wizarding world and reforming the ministry, or a new threat (a believable one, please!) ten years down the road, or a fic about one or several of the next generation kids going to Hogwarts.
This should feel as close to canon as possible. I know we don't really know a lot about the children of Harry & Co., but at least the adults should be in character here. I also like my pairings canon, so Harry X Ginny and Ron X Hermione, please.
My favourite characters apart from the trio are Luna and Neville - not as a couple, although I wouldn't mind to see them dating prior to Luna X Rolf and Neville X Hannah. It can just be one of them in the fic, or a friendship story.
Stories about the lives of Lily and the Marauders would be interesting as well, if they're well-written and fit with the books.

I have read the first of Lippert's James Potter "books" and hated it. I'm sorry if you liked it, this is completely based on taste, but to give you an idea what I'm not looking for: I hated it because I felt like the author did not do his research properly, gratuiously changed canon details, had characters like McGonagall out of character and shoved American stus down our throats with no real purpose to the story. Plus, the villains annoyed me.
I also read the first volume in the Albus Potter series by Vekin87 and was disappointed by the writing and weak story.

On my reading list are Cursed by Myth and Legend, Harry Potter and the Next Great Battle by pokecharm, Harry Potter and the Return to Hogwarts by VanceMcGill, Hogwarts Houses Divided by Inverarity and Rebuilding Life by Kezzabear. Have you read any of these, did you like them and do you know similar stories?

To sum it up: I'm looking for good (as in well-written and canon-compliant) and preferably complete or regularly updating fics that expand the HP series. They can be prequels or sequels or depict "missing" time in between the books.