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Back home

I flew back home to Germany Thursday right after work and had to go to the dentist first thing Friday morning. At lunch, I visited my grandmother, saw my niece (who remembers me! She called me Tante!!!) And had my hair cut, bought some more clothes (I had already bought some online which were waiting for me here) and then met a friend.
Today, my sister came to visit, then I went shopping with my parents again. I got presents for Kotato, some small things for my colleagues, stuff for a Japanese friend and for a swap, and some other things for me, like supplements, cosmetics... My parents also bought me the keyboard I am writing on right now with my Kindle Fire, because the kind of netbook I wanted for writing on the train (matte display, light, no Windows 8) was harder to find than I had thought, so I`ll try it like this for now. I'll try writing some fiction again, which I really loved some years ago, and see how that goes. Maybe I'll also look fo an online degree - the legal translation one is.scammy according to people ohiene.

Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday and on Monday morning, I'll fly back to Geneva already. It's our second anniversary on the 26th. It feels much longer to me. I wonder how things will work out next year when Kotaro graduates. I do wish I could live closer to my family. For all their faults, I do want to seee my grandma and niece more often. I also still love my room, because it still has tons of my stuff and my favourite chair, whereas our new apartment is not very comfy and doesn't feel like a home much yet. I guess that may take some years and less moving.