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Garnet Crow - Float World

The miniqlo version of this song has been stuck in my ears for a while now. Probably because my friend Naori sang it at karaoke last year. <3 I translated the first part of this while on Skype with my (Japanese, for those of you who don't know it) boyfriend and asked him for the meaning of 底なく because when I googled that expression, it appeared so rarely used that the third result and half of the other links on the first page were actually this song.
Translated with lyrics from here.

Float World

Don't you have moments when you want to leave it all to your impulses, putting everything to an end?
The times full of love won't go on forever

Because people are weak, they live for someone else
With that intention, they go on desiring

Are we still trying to go to unknown places?
Despite its vague image
Isn't here fine?
If we attack the coming tomorrow
we'll be content... Float World

I'd rather be stupid than want nothing but the truth and get hurt
It's better to be able to give a bottonless
don't you think?
I don't have any experience to boast of
but I'm rescued again by a measureless feeling [?]

I'll be born again by midnight...
I gazed at the moon, like I was praying
One more night...? Another night?
What should I permit?
What is it that's lacking?

No matter how much loneliness controls me
I can't surrender my heart to someone

Because when you turn around someday, suddenly lonely
at that moment, I want to hold you

We're wandering about, because we're hoping there's something
in a different place, aren't we?
Isn't here fine?
If we attack the coming tomorrow
Surround myself...
Float World